Nature pearls of the north Iceland / The Diamond Circle
This circle tour includes Húsavík, Jökulsárgljúfur and Mývatn area!

This circle is available in four of the six seasons that is early summer, high summer, autumn hues and early winter, depending on the weather and road condition at any time. In other time, it might be a circle or bit vary final program, due to circumstances. Please note that itinerary might vary due to seasons.

Meeting point is Húsavík, but with option of pickup in Akureyri (airport or another agreed place). This package is also available with domestic flight and with extra nights or extra days.

Day 1 – Húsavík and surrounding   
On this day we will visit Goðafoss and then head to Grenjaðarstaður, which is an ancient farm, church site and place depicting Icelandic culture from earlier times (in a turf house). The river Laxá flows from Lake Mývatn through the valleys of Laxárdalur and Aðaldalur to Skjálfandi Bay were Húsavík is located. During this part, we will explore farmland and get bit to know about culture and circumstances. We head to Húsavík. Sea tours (whale watching) are available from winter to late fall. We explore the town and visit local exhibitions and enjoy local food.
In late afternoon is time to check-in at hotel in Húsavík for one night. The evening is free, but there are possible various options, depends on seasons.

Day 2 – Jökulsárgljúfur National Park
After breakfast we will follow the coastline of Tjörnes peninsula. On our way we will make a few stops, might bit vary after interest and circumstances.  On the coastline of Tjörnes peninsula are some of most remarkable fossil layers in Iceland. These are sandstone layers which were formed at the end of the Tertiary period and during the Ice Age. From these fossils it is possible to trace changes in climate, vegetation and marine life from the beginning of the Ice Age. We will be heading east towards Kelduhverfi in end of Öxarfjörður bay, and continue to Jökulsárgljúfur. While at the National Park we will visit Ásbyrgi for a while. Then take a road to Vesturdalur* and Hljóðaklettar for exploring. And continue to Hafragilsfoss and Dettifoss*, which is considered as most powerful waterfall in Europe. From the glacier river canyon, we continue to Mývatnssveit (Mývatn area), end the day program in Mývatn Nature baths, before going to a restaurant for dinner and a hotel for overnight.

Day 3 – Mývatn
Today, we explore the wonders of lake Mývatn and surrounding area.
We will start our day by going to Krafla*, an area of geothermal and where one of Iceland´s volcanoes is located (here erupted several times between 1975 and 1984). After visiting the crater Víti, and viewing Leirhnjúkur and the newest lava nearby, we head back to Hverarönd (or Hverir*) by Námafjall: an area of ever-changing hot springs. Krafla and Námafjall are connected, on the same row of volcanism, linked to tectonic plates. From here we will go to the unique Grjótagjá, ensconced deep in the rocky rift formed by the two separating tectonic plates, and Dimmuborgir*, an area of randomly strewn lava rocks and cliffs. We keep on around lake Mývatn, with selected stops, like Kálfastrandarvogur (lava rocks), Skútustadagígar, craters that were formed by gas explosions when boiling lava flowed over the wetlands. After enjoying the area for a while, we will be heading to Sigurgeir’s Bird Centre, the largest known private bird collection in Iceland. There is also a small “boat house”, which give good option to see and learn bit about local culture, connection between men and nature, here in closeness with the lake.

We end the program in the afternoon on same location as we started on day 1, or another agreed place.

* We do normally explore the canyon (Jökulsárgljúfur) on the west bank (area), but due to circumstances in winter / spring, we might have to adjust the program, like take the route to the east edge.  Also note that we might alter the program of the day, like shift row of places, after circumstances and seasons.


Availability: All year,  seasons with different program – daily on request as a private tour, reservation required.

Departures optional: Húsavík, Mývatn, Akureyri (and with domestic flight from Reykjavík).

Departure time: On request

Tour duration: 3 day tour

Included: Fully guided tour and transportation

For further information please contact us.