A land and sea tour combination of bird and whale watching.

With a local guide.

Here, we focus on the bay of Skjálfandaflói as well as the community of Húsavík and adjacent rural areas. The
programme includes a sightseeing tour by boat to the island of Flatey. The town of Húsavík offers nature lovers a convenient starting point for a variety of activities and attractive locations e.g. for bird and whale watching.

We begin the tour by exploring the harbour and surroundings, as well as the lower regions of the nearby Laxá river and selected ponds and lakes, such as Kaldbakstjarnir, an area frequented i.a. by bird species such as the Great Northern Diver.

The afternoon programme features a boat tour on the bay of Skjálfandi, including a visit to Flatey island, renowned for its rich variety of bird species. Thus, it is normally the home of more than 30 different bird species during the nesting season. Species such as the Arctic Tern and Puffin are there in vast numbers. They can often be observed at close quarters. Hence, this is a unique opportunity to experience the marvels of nature. In our travels, we might even be treated to the delight of whale watching.

This tour offers variety in scenery and nature.  Birds on lakes, rivers, in marshes, maritime areas and cliffs.

Duration: Full day programme.

Departure: Húsavík / Akureyri.

Recommended season: May till the 10th of August.

Please note that there are other options and tours available for bird watching in the Húsavík area on a year round basis.