Birds, seals and coastal culture.

With a local guide.

A full day programme, which focuses on three districts in Northeast Iceland; Tjörnes, Kelduhverfi and Melrakkaslétta.

This tour offers variety in terms of bird life, scenery and local topography. In the course of the day, we shall be stopping at various sites of interest in order to explore them further and/or we will be using them as stepping stones to explore other more distant and less  accessible but noteworthy sites.

The Tjörnes peninsula provides us with the opportunity to observe a variety of bird species, found along the shoreline and coastal cliffs. This peninsula is in effect known to be one of the best areas in Iceland for observation of the Ptarmigan. Moving to Kelduhverfi, we will focus on ponds and lakes, until we arrive at the marvellous spot Ásbyrgi, with its woodland. There we will attempt to spot an Icelandic Wren as well as some of the other woodland species. Öxarfjörður and Melrakkaslétta have some of the most densely populated sites
of Red-throated Divers in Iceland.

The full day programme might be considered a long one, but it is definitely worth it. This remote area is really a rather well kept secret for bird watchers. It is not easy to describe the scenery, you simply have to experience it, indeed seeing is believing.

Duration: 10-12 hours.

Departure: Húsavík.

Recommended season: May – June. Other options are available at different times of year.