The majestic world of the glacier canyon.

With a local guide.

We start the tour by following the coastline of Tjörnes peninsula. On our way we make a few stops, first of all in Tungulending area, where to observe some of most remarkable fossil layers in Iceland. These are sandstone layers which were formed at the end of the Tertiary period and during the Ice Age. From these fossils it is possible to trace changes in climate, vegetation and marine life from the beginning of the Ice Age. Also, here we’ll have the change to have a look a mysterious giant rock which came from Greenland in unclear circumstances.

We then head east towards Kelduhverfi, south of Öxarfjörður bay. On the way we will be able to enjoy impressive tectonic fissures and beautiful panoramas of the Arctic Ocean. Our final destination of the day, though, is the majestic Ásbyrgi canyon, U-shaped and created by a catastrophic glacial flooding in the last Ice Age.

The canyon measures approximately 3,5 km in length and is over 1 km wide. For more than half of its length, the canyon is divided through the middle by a distinctive rock formation 25 meters high called Eyjan, the island. The canyon’s steep sides are formed by cliffs up to 100 metres in height. Within the canyon is a woodland of birch and willow, and the whole area is permeated with local folklore. Ásbyrgi is believed to be formed by Odin’s horse and now it is thought to be the home of the hidden people.

Afterward we dive into Jökulsárgljúfur National Park. The glacier canyon is deep and originates three beautiful waterfalls, which we explore all. The most famous one is Dettifoss, also the most powerful in Europe, with a massive 193 cu meters of water thundering from the height of 44m every single second. Nearby is Selfoss, less powerful yet fascinating. the third one is Hafragilsfoss and the lookout of this waterfall offers the best panorama of the whole canyon too.

Finally, halfway between Dettifoss and Ásbyrgi, we visit Vesturdalur valley, where to find the bizarre basalt rocks of Hljóðaklettar. Here a series of vertical, horizontal and diagonal columns, formed by mysterious volcanic activity, stand over the ground and model rosettes, swirls, spirals and honeycombs.

Availability: all year round (but please note that, depending on the season and conditions, the itinerary and the highlights might slightly differ from the program above).

Departure point: Travel North office. Or any other location in Húsavík upon request.

Departure time: on request.

Tour duration: 8 hours.

Included: private transportation and experienced, English-speaking, guide for the duration of the tour, fuel.

Please note: distance walked is limited but good physical condition is required.

Bookings: For groups which size is 1 to 8, please use the form below. For larger groups, please contact us.