We offer multi-day tours across the country, with the most iconic wonders of the land, a 3 day tour among the Diamond Circle, the gem of the North, and multi-day birdwatching tours, for nature lovers.

Guided Tours  

Iceland in Spring and Summer 

Discover with us the amazing wonders of South Iceland in Spring, or come all along the legendary Ring Road in Summer, for a longer tour, with a special focus on the North.

Find out all our departure dates. Our groups are always small, for a personal and cosy feeling .

Diamond Circle

A full immersion in the gems of the North

We bring you – at a slow pace – to explore all the corners of the magic Diamond Circle. The tour combines the most famous natural attractions with less known and unspoilt areas.

Check all the detailed program if you’re still not convinced!

Birding Multi-day Tours

Our different offers for birdwatching lovers

Iceland is one of the top places for birdwatching, for the up to 80 range of species that can be spotted. The variety of the pristine landscapes enhance the beauty of these birding excursions.

Join our expert birdwatching guide, for an unforgettable experience.

Tailor-made tours

Customized tours for an unforgettable experience

We offer both professional and customized travel services, such as land arrangements, excursions, accommodations and activities.

Itineraries and tours according to your wishes, special requests, time frame, budget, season, focus area!