Travel North Signature Birdwatching – 5 days

Birding Trail of Northeast Iceland

The rich bird life of Northeast Iceland, distributed over widely varying habitats, displays a diversity seldom surpassed and accessible areas for observing a great variety of species.

This tour combines 4 sub-areas that constitute the highlights of birding in Iceland. 

Travel North Signature+ Birdwatching – 9 days

Birding in northern and eastern Iceland

More fantastic areas are added to the extraordinary Birding Trail, giving the chance for observing an even wider variety of habitats and species and providing an even more memorable experience.

This tour features the Birding Trail and some specific locations in the North and in the East. 

Travel North Highlights Birdwatching – 9 days

Birding in western and northern Iceland

The volcanic landscape and the location of Iceland spice the birding experience up, providing diverse and pristine landscapes where a wide range of species can be spotted.

This tour provides an overview on the main highlights of the West and the North, including the Birding Trail. 

Travel North Complete Birdwatching – 12 days

Birding all around Iceland

Iceland is marvellous for birdwatchers. Not only because of the birds, but also because of the variety in landscape and nature, which make the trip a kind of adventure.

This tour focuses on the Birding Trail but literally brings you all around the country.