Fall under the spell of stories from Norse mythology and the fishing past of Raufarhöfn, the so-called Arctic Village.

With a local guide.

On this day tour, you will experience the Arctic region in all its various aspects and discover the northernmost parts of the Icelandic mainland which are among the least explored frontiers on the traveler’s map. You will come close to the Arctic Circle and fall under the spell of stories from Norse mythology when you visit the Arctic Henge and listen to stories about fishing in Raufarhöfn, the so-called Arctic Village. Taste the local food such as fresh fish straight out of the Arctic waters. On the Melrakkaslétta peninsula where time seems to have stopped, you will experience the special natural atmosphere of the subarctic zone.

We meet you in Raufarhöfn, a small seaside village on the Arctic circle zone and one of the northernmost communities in Iceland. A guided walk takes you back in time, to when Herring was the name of the game in Raufarhöfn for many years. Find the hidden marks of old glory and listen to the stories that will take you back to the old days.

Leaving true history, you will drift into mystic legends surrounding the distinctive Arctic Henge that acts as a huge sundial and thrills every visitor, although still under construction. Located on a small hill, the Henge overlooks 360° of the unbroken horizon and wild nature – perfect for capturing the sun rays between the aligned gateways. Future scenes of coming sculptures will be described, and tales will be told about the wisdom of the Edda, about Norse mythology concerning dwarfs and their role.

With these impressions and interpretations of nature, we drive out to the subarctic and natural environment of Melrakkaslétta peninsula, where a hike is required to finally reach the northernmost place on the mainland – the lighthouse Hraunhafnartangi, only 3 kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

Availability: June to September.

Departure point: Raufarhöfn Félagsheimilið Hnitbjörg (Aðalbraut 27)

Departure time: 10:00a.m. or any other agreed time.

Tour duration: 6 hours.

Included: local English-speaking guide for the duration of the tour, transport in the program, 2- course lunch.

Group size: minimum number of participant is 2, maximum number of participant is 8.

Price: 27.000 isk per person.

Please note: distance walked in Raufarhöfn is approx. 4km, on easy and mainly flat terrain, with a short and easy climb to reach the baths. Distance walked to reach Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse is approx. 1,5 km on way, on flat but uneven terrain.

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