SIGHTSEEING day in lake Mývatn Area  

Get enchanted by an unreal world of steam and water

Lake Mývatn and its surroundings feature some of the most spectacular and diverse environments of the country, from martian Hverir to bizarre Dimmuborgir, from unique Skútustaðir to tranquil Höfði. And last but not least, ethereal nature baths.

Duration: 8 hours (or 6hr upon request)

Group size: min. 2 – max. 12

Please note: throughout the day a few easy walks – 6km total – are planned.

BIRDWATCHING in Lake Mývatn Area

Bird life and volcanic landscape at once

Lake Mývatn region is renowned for its incredibly rich birdlife, which makes it a paradise for birdwatchers. The lake is home to more species of nesting ducks than one would find in any other single area on Earth.

Duration: 8 hours (or 6hr upon request)

Group size: min. 2 – max. 12

Please note: the tour includes visiting points of interest such as river Laxá, ponds and marshes as well as intriguing lava fields and formations.


The elegant Goðafoss and the whale capital of Iceland

The “waterfall of the gods” is a scenic, semicircular waterfall on the way to Húsavík and is therefore visited before embarking on a traditional whale watching vessel in Skjálfandi Bay.

Duration: 6,5 hours (or 8hr upon request)

Group size: min. 2 – max. 12

Please note: it is possible to lengthen the tour to get some countryside vibe by visiting Grenjaðarstaður and other locations.

SIGHTSEEING and GEOLOGY up to Dettifoss

Explore martian Mývatn and the mightiest waterfall

The most powerful waterfall in Europe is just the cherry on top of this day tour which includes another beautiful waterfall apart from an endless number of geologically unique locations, including Lake Mývatn’s surroundings and Jökulsárgljúfur canyon itself.

Duration: 8 hours (or 7hr upon request)

Group size: min. 2 – max. 12

Please note: throughout the day a few easy walks – 5km total – are planned.