The long hours of darkness, the Northern lights, the sound of your steps on the fresh snow, the glowing clouds in front of the sun, the sound of the wind. Iceland in Winter is a magic experience. And visiting an area so desolated, so far from the most famous destinations, in this period of the year, is really special.

We offer private tours in super jeep, for your winter adventure through the gems in the North:
AldeyjarfossÁsbyrgiMývatnHúsavíkTjörnesMelrakkaslétta. These tours are thought for you to enjoy Northern Iceland to the fullest. We are going at a slow pace to explore the secret angles of this region, with local guides that want to share with you the love for their land.

Send us an email to book a tour: Let us know how many days (or hours) you’d like to spend here and we’ll send you the suitable itinerary proposal for you. We can also arrange a phone/video call to customise your tour in the best way.